Key Deliverables

  1. An operational framework for a flexible, scalable and future-proof community Emission Modelling System implemented on JASMIN

  2. A process for a community-driven, co-designed UK-EMS enabling the atmospheric modelling community to generate emission input data at the spatial, temporal and substance resolution required for a wide range of use cases.

  3. An open, accessible system and demonstrators for the integration of novel emission calculation methods, including approaches for future expansion.

  4. The operational integration of anthropogenic and biogenic emissions into consolidated output datasets.

  5. A consistent approach for the provision of temporally and spatially resolved emission data across a range of scales.

  6. A demonstrated output generation process for frequently used data formats, including meta-data and supporting documentation of the calculations included, and open for future extension to new formats.


User and stakeholder engagement are critical to the development of the Emission Modelling System, as  it  will  need  to  be  tailored  to  the  needs  of  the  immediate  users - the UK atmospheric modelling community. In addition, the flexibility of the UK-EMS towards further development and future expansion will require a thorough discussion with potential users of atmospheric modelling results, taking note of their likely future evidence needs.

A User Group has been set up to achieve these objectives, drawing on atmospheric modelling experts both within the SPF Clean Air Programme and from the wider UK modelling community. A Stakeholder Group will also be formed, including representatives of the funding agency, the wider SPF Clean Air Programme and UKRI, Defra, BEIS, Devolved Administration authorities, and other regulatory and arms-length bodies with an interest in air pollution. The aims  of  the  stakeholder  group  will  be  to  support  the  identification  of  future  directions  for  development and review the recommendations for priorities for future activities emerging from the  research  team  and  UG  conversations.

Project Structure and Workflow

Desired Outcomes